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Getaria, Spain:The Long Walk for Grilled Fish

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The tour guide from Go Local in San Sebastian suggested we explore beyond the city, and in particular, he mentioned the town of Getaria. Then, at dinner the next evening, our waiter talked about the same fishing town, suggesting we take a bus to Zarautz and walk along the beach to Getaria.  

In Getaria, he recommended we check out the grilled fish at the Mayflower restaurant.  Thanks to the suggestions from both the tour guide and waiter, we ended up having one hell of a great day trip from San Sebastian.

It was an easy one hour bus ride from San Sebastian to Zarautz; when we arrived at this cute beach town, we stopped at the office of tourism for ideas of what to see before walking to Getaria. We were directed to the market which was indoors and full of local specialties including cheeses, cured meats, a variety of wines, and Eskartxa, a local liquor we had never heard of before.

After a snack and some local wine from the market, which we enjoyed sitting on a bench looking at the beach, it was time for our long walk to Getaria. The walking path stretched as far as we could see and offered amazing views of the ocean. It was about an hour walk to Getaria from Zarautz; maybe quicker if you don't start with a bottle of wine.

Finding the Mayflower was easy; you can see the name of the restaurant from the harbor and we were super lucky to have a great spot outside looking at the water. The turbot, which the waiter highly encouraged we try, was served whole, then deboned at the table. The preparation was simple-salt, olive oil and garlic. Perfect! 

After lunch and a stroll through the town, we picked up a bottle of Eskartxa and caught the bus back to San Sebastián for a nap before dinner!

Travel Tip: Listen to recommendations from locals and go for it!!

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