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HOW Lunch & Luggage Came to be

For years, I have dreamed of traveling, wanting to experience this big old world for myself. I've definitely watched my fair share of travel and cooking shows such as No Reservations, Parts Unknown, Somebody Feed Phil and House Hunters International, and these shows have helped me generate a  crazy long list of towns, cities and countries to visit. Now that my career as a school principal is behind me, I've stopped dreaming and starting figuring out how to travel.


Also, while I was working, cooking was a stress reliever and a creative outlet for me, so food is a big part of why and where I travel.  I want to check out cities that love all things food-food markets, street food, great restaurants, local wines-you get the idea.

Lunch & Luggage was born as a fun way for me to capture all the great parts of my travel.  It is my mission to share my favorite experiences, the best dishes, and  any travel tips I learn along the way.

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